Kwara Advanced Medical Diagnostic Centre, Ilorin

  • S&A provided full mechanical and Electrical Engineering designs and supervision Services, as well as Plumbing, Fire Protection, Communication, and Extra Low Voltage engineering services for Kwara Advanced Medical Diagnostic Centre, Ilorin.
  • Kwara Advanced Medical Diagnostic Centre located in Ilorin was conceived by the Kwara State Government in association with MedEquip of New Jersey USA, out of the need to providing a world class comprehensive diagnosis of health matters to the people of Nigeria. The facility covered the main diagnostic centre block and a town house, which house staff quarters block and services block. The centre comprises of the imaging and the laboratory wings. The imaging wing is equipped with 3D Magnetic Resonance, Image Module Ultrasound Scan, ECG, Mammography, X-ray Machine, fluoroscopy and 16 – slide and 64 – slide CT Scan Machine. The laboratory wing of the diagnostic centre, is equipped with Haematology Laboratory, Immunology Laboratory and Microbiology Laboratory.